Top 5 Adventures of 2017

After the good response from the first post of this year (check out Bright if you’ve not seen it yet) I started to reflect on last year and thought I would share the top five adventure posts from 2017. For us it was a great year for getting out with Immy being a little older and more interactive and Fletch wanting to know everything, we managed to see a lot. Unfortunately I never managed to get them all down into words, so hoping this year I am able to share a lot more.

So, without further adieu here are the top five adventure posts for last year.

5. Lake Mountain – A Snow First

Snow 1

A look into our first trip to the snow with kids and their reaction and excitement.

4. Sorrento – The Tentative First

Fletch first month

Our first outing as parents to a friends’ wedding, which wasn’t as bad as we expected considering the circumstances.

3.   Warburton Redwood Forest – Beware of the Dinosaurs


A unique forest, some stacks of sticks and a 3 year old’s imagination, throw in a creek and it made for a magical adventure.

2. Warren Glen Garden Centre

warren glen ducks

The time we visited a plant nursery that was much much more!

1. Yarra Flats Billabongs – “I wonder what’s in there?”


An impromptu stop to what we had always dismissed as nothing, but surprised us as being an adventure spot to revisit again and again.

As voted by your clicks, the Yarra Flats was the most viewed post for last year. Hopefully you can take yourself and your family to at least one of these spots for your own adventure.

I’d loved to hear where you had your most memorable adventure for last year and why it stood out, so comment below and maybe I can add it to my list for 2018!

Happy adventuring and make sure you check out the other posts on the blog page too.

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The Tentative First

I still look back on this trip as one of the most memorable for a couple of reasons. It was our first proper outing and night away with our first born, Fletcher, who was only about 4 weeks old at the time. Also, it was our good friends’ wedding and if not for this we would probably never have left our little nest we created at home. Looking back I’m glad we did as it kicked off the “Adventures of Duth”.

We were getting some serious cabin fever in those first few weeks, whether we knew it or not.  The only occasion we left the home, which wasn’t to the supermarket, was when I left in an ambulance and Fletch and my wife visited me in hospital. The injury story is too long, but let me just say it made my wife’s life a huge amount harder having to now look after me and a new born baby (I think hard to say who was the more difficult, my wife says there was a clear winner).

Thankfully though this wedding was looming, although I admit with us being exhausted as first time parents and recovering from an injury the thought of leaving seemed too hard. However, with the grandparents and some of their friends waiting for us in Sorrento, all looking forward to babysitting, we packed our bag and three bags for Fletch and off we went. Exhaustion aside, we were excited to be getting out to show off our boy to all our friends and of course for the wedding especially as my wife was one of the Bridesmaids and myself as the MC.

When we got there and settled in to the accommodation we quickly made a new nest and we relaxed. Lucky for me the day of the wedding was pretty easy, tracking back and forth to my wife so Fletch could breastfeed, all as she was primped and polished. This gave me a full day of walking through Sorrento to take in the place. First thing I sense is how zen and peaceful the place is, much like your typical beach town. The sun was out warming us all, steaming off those later than normal Winter chills and giving everyone a sneak peek at what to expect for the rest of Spring. Herhmm, sorry got a little poetic there.

Maybe this is why the locals seemed really relaxed though, all very happy to stop and chat as they came out to enjoy the weather. I will insert a caveat here, I admit it was more than the weather that coaxed people to stop to chat, having a weird cast on my arm and newborn bub in the pram made for an easy icebreaker and won a lot of people over. I’m a pretty chatty person anyway and I certainly made the most of the attention that was coming our way. Honestly, if I had a puppy too I think the trifecta (including newborn and injury) would have instigated some Beatle-like mania, such was the unaccustomed attention.

The wedding itself was on a secluded beach, just out of town, which was lined with beach boxes making for a beautiful setting. I kept thinking it would be a great quiet spot to return to with the family for a day at the beach. The reception after was held at The Baths, a great spot for the newlyweds with the jetty just out the front for those sunset over the water shots. I have to admit it did look pretty amazing.

The day after, it was nice to have my wife back to explore the town. We walked to the ferry dock and along the waterfront, the weather was perfect, so we played on the beach for a little while before we headed back into town. We met up with the in-laws and stopped at a few shops, one in particular is stuck in my mind with its funky garden sculptures and interior decorating pieces.

Sorrento Funky.jpg

Shop Front

All in all only a fleeting visit, one that seemed rushed with both of us exhausted and me pumping endone tablets, so Sorrento has left me feeling that the visit was unfinished. Hence,  it will have to go onto the to do list to visit again and this time we will plan it so we can simply meander around, explore the surrounding areas and stop at that secluded beach with the beach boxes.

Fletch first month

Fletcher’s first month

The best place to follow Josh’s adventures with his family is on his Instagram site @josh.duthie. You can see this post and more Adventures of Duth by clicking the link below.